Love is in the air !

WBR12XHappy Valentine’s Day to everyone… 

So, this is my first blog and I feel glad to say that its being dedicated to one of the most important aspects of life, that is love !! Yes, and when it comes to “The Valentine’s Day” I am sure we all think, its about celebrating with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Its definitely good to do that.

But today I am writing this blog to all those single peeps out there, may or maynot be cribbing about not being in a relationship. But wait a minute, and just think, is it all about romantic love ? We have seen people happily celebrating this day of love with their partners, but tell me is it the only relationship where we feel love.

Love is about family, its about friends, its about all those people who take care of us, who love us unconditionally. Valentine’s Day is a special day to express love to our family who has always been our first love since we opened our eyes. This day is about pampering your mother with lots of love and taking care of your father who have always been there when nobody else was. Celebrate the day with your siblings, your brother/sister with whom you fight for endless number of times and still never get separated. Celebrate this day with your friends who know your deepest secrets and still never judge you. And most importantly, celebrate this day with yourself, because yes of course,  You love yourself too !! Buy gifts that please travel to the places you love, eat stuff like you never did before, after life is about celebration.

There is no one person who can bring love to your life, its you who do. Appreciate all kinds of love that you are blessed with, and have a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY !!


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