Spring is nature’s way of saying, ”Lets’s party!”

– Robin Williams

A visit to the Mughal Gardens, at President’s Palace in Delhi, India was a feast for the eyes. I along with my three friends visited to feel the scenic beauty of nature under the blue sky. Before talking about my experience over there, I would like to tell you, what Mughal Gardens are all about, so you have a clear picture of it.


Mughal Gardens are basically, a group of gardens built by the Mughal emperors in India. It is styled in the Persian architecture. Some of its typical attractions are vibrant roses, crystal-clear pools and huge fountains, grabbing the attention of every passer-by. Shah Jahan, an important Mughal emperor marks the apex of Mughal Garden architecture and floral design. The chief attractions include the Herbal Garden, The Musical Garden, The Spiritual Garden and my most favorite The Bonsai Garden.


Walking along the garden, I could feel a sense of peace, I had never felt before. While my friends were busy getting snaps clicked for themselves, I got so busy capturing the mesmerising beauty in my phone. But I tell you its not even 10% of what one can experience there. I got tempted to the pool, that reflected the beauties of sky and garden; trees cut in a structured manner, some to provide shade merely, and others to produce fruits, flowers and leaves of vivid shapes. The melodious birds filled the garden with their rhythmic songs, the whole cooled by a pleasant breeze.




The complete layout of the Garden is structured to please any creature on Earth. I was particularly spellbound by the charm of red, vibrant,lively roses and their fragrance took me to the world of ecstasy. The symmetrical paved pathways and water channels follow the shapes of accurate squares with oblique or curved lines. This design is marvelous. I assure you fragrance of flowers, sight of fountains, shade of trees, water in the ponds and the beauty of nature here will take you to a journey towards the most soulful experiences.


Mughal Garden is one magnificent garden which will evoke in many a feeling of delight and contentment as they have experienced the ”Beauty at its Best”.





12 thoughts on “BEAUTY AT ITS BEST.

      1. Wow. That’s quite a compliment! Thank you so much. 🙂 I’m with Miriam, simply writing from the heart seems to be a key component, for me anyway.

        You have the gift of description. I once heard that instead of telling the reader what you saw or experienced, to lead them through it. You lead us through the “gardens” of your writing. There’s true beauty in that. 🙂


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