Beating the odds….

Hello everyone….. Its quite a nice feeling to get back to one of your favorite activities of the day. I have missed blogging so much for the past days. Really, I have realized how difficult it is to stay away from writing and reading when you get so much attached to every dear friend here, and when you know you can relate to almost everything they post.

Times were hard, very very hard. But being able to survive after you have gone through all the thick and thin, makes you feel that you’re strong. Yes, all of us, are very strong. I wanna say, that the feeling of a broken heart, broken relationships and broken trust are hard to be expressed in words. It took me very long to be able to revive from that. A dear person in my life, whom I could trust blindly left me with the thought that one should trust people wisely. Emotions may not come from mind but mind shall be used to identify which person truly deserves our sensitive emotions. Across this time, I have shed tears, felt like I am left with no feeling, no more emotions at heart. I have realized, no matter how hard we try, those who have to change, will definitely change, and there is nothing that can stop them. No amount of love, care, trust and respect can change their instincts. We cannot force people to stay truthful, to be loyal unless they feel for it. We cannot expect people to be good to us, because we are being nice to them. It would be like asking a fox not to eat men, because men don’t eat it. What we can do is, choose people wisely so that we never have to bear the pain of broken heart. The pain we feel always brings about the strength in us to survive through all the odds, but somewhere deep inside, that pain makes our heart weak, as we know its not easy to bear it. Its hard, really very hard.

The most important thing, that I felt was that I stayed away from writing, that’s my passion merely due to some wrong people who left me broken feels bad. I know, this post has sounded highly negative, due to all the negative thoughts disturbing my mind. This would not at all be a pleasant piece for the fellow readers. I am really sorry for that. But for me, writing is all about venting out all the thoughts and emotions and feel relieved after it. Once all the negative emotions are vent out, one can brim up with positive energy,replacing all the negativity and weaknesses. I am really thankful to all of you, for being there with me. Hoping to come up soon with a completely opposite state of mind. Thank you.


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