This night….

Hello everyone, its been quite a long period of time since I opened my blog. I missed it so much. I have been going through annual examinations, thus my hobby had to suffer.

So, here I am on thr first night of “no exams anynore” feeling. Its really good. And luckily this night has got my most favourite, rains. .. Yeah I am a passionate rain lover. They are just amazing. Moreover if that happens to be on a relaxed, silent and stressfree night, the feeling is beyond words. 

Nothing can be more rejoicing than the sound of musical drizzling of rain drops on the window panes when you are lying reclusive in the bed. Those rain drops do not let you feel the loneliness. They accompany you. Yeah, rain becomes your companion on a solitary night. The moment of remembering all the wonderful memories with the family, friends and your loved ones is magical. It touches your heart. You keep going deeper and deeper in thoughts, some are happy, some may be little sad while others just appear to be mere fantasies for future. You miraculously imagine hundreds of events that appeal you. When suddenly your heart beat skips and the loud sound of thunder with a flash of bluish grey light enters your room. Ahn, there can be no better time than the time of rain. We don’t just see rain, we feel it. Each and ever rain drop like every heart beat that keeps us going.

I feel, the onset of rain is the shower of love from the divine god from the heaven above the sky. The thunder is the language for expressing the love falling from the sky. As if, the divine powers are trying to enlighten us to get love and give love through the language of thunder. It is loud but it is awakening, it awakens us, stimulates us to give response. Night being silent is no more silent. Sleepy night is no more sleepy. It is stimulating. It is active. And rains have made it so lively. The music of the dtizzles have took away the sleep. The fragrance of the mud is taking away the sleep and the magic of the night is worth loving the night. 

May the divine power shower all the blessings upon each of us. May the rain brings the drizzles of love and luck in your life. Have a beautiful day !! 


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