The simplicity of attitude…

When we hear the word ”simplicity” we usually think of something too easy to know or understand. It deviates from the complexity. Simplicity distinguishes from complexity on the lines of being easy or difficult depending upon the nature of the task. But the question that came to my mind after reading the daily prompt was, ”Is simplicity always easy ?” ”Does ‘simplicity’ actually makes or life so simple ?” Today, my post is going to reflect upon this.

We quite often consider that a person who leads a simple life or believes in simplicity is easy to understand. Moreover, we tend to think that that person has an easy life which is far away from the daily complexities. But if we have a close insight towards the life of such people, we would realize that ”simplicity” in today’s era is not actually so simple. The human life is a heterogenous mixture of education, vocation, wealth, family, relationships and self. The ongoing competition to prove oneself better from the rest, the stress this continuous struggle causes snatches away the mental peace. The relationships are stressed due to the increased level of stress in man. This stress leads to convoluted and mixed set of emotions in the person. The life becomes ”complex”.

Amidst these tangled life events, the person who survives with a simple life, does not actually have a simple life. But has a simple outlook towards life. Its not really easy to understand these people who choose to live simply. The ability to live a simple life, irrespective of all the complexities, difficulties require a peaceful and insightful attitude in life. One has to have the competence to master over all the hitches. Their difference in the outlook and attitude towards life makes their life simple. They too have a constant flow of dilemmas which sometimes makes the ”simplicity” of their life quite difficult to pertain. They however, think rationally, clearly Β and closely to focus more on simplifying the different aspects of life rather than getting entangled in the complexities offered by their life. Thus, no life is simple, its the lifestyle that is. Deep down, every person is complex, but its his attitude and his art of living that brings ”simplicity”.


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