The simplicity of attitude…

When we hear the word ”simplicity” we usually think of something too easy to know or understand. It deviates from the complexity. Simplicity distinguishes from complexity on the lines of being easy or difficult depending upon the nature of the task. But the question that came to my mind after reading the daily prompt was, ”Is simplicity always easy ?” ”Does ‘simplicity’ actually makes or life so simple ?” Today, my post is going to reflect upon this.

We quite often consider that a person who leads a simple life or believes in simplicity is easy to understand. Moreover, we tend to think that that person has an easy life which is far away from the daily complexities. But if we have a close insight towards the life of such people, we would realize that ”simplicity” in today’s era is not actually so simple. The human life is a heterogenous mixture of education, vocation, wealth, family, relationships and self. The ongoing competition to prove oneself better from the rest, the stress this continuous struggle causes snatches away the mental peace. The relationships are stressed due to the increased level of stress in man. This stress leads to convoluted and mixed set of emotions in the person. The life becomes ”complex”.

Amidst these tangled life events, the person who survives with a simple life, does not actually have a simple life. But has a simple outlook towards life. Its not really easy to understand these people who choose to live simply. The ability to live a simple life, irrespective of all the complexities, difficulties require a peaceful and insightful attitude in life. One has to have the competence to master over all the hitches. Their difference in the outlook and attitude towards life makes their life simple. They too have a constant flow of dilemmas which sometimes makes the ”simplicity” of their life quite difficult to pertain. They however, think rationally, clearly  and closely to focus more on simplifying the different aspects of life rather than getting entangled in the complexities offered by their life. Thus, no life is simple, its the lifestyle that is. Deep down, every person is complex, but its his attitude and his art of living that brings ”simplicity”.



Spring is nature’s way of saying, ”Lets’s party!”

– Robin Williams

A visit to the Mughal Gardens, at President’s Palace in Delhi, India was a feast for the eyes. I along with my three friends visited to feel the scenic beauty of nature under the blue sky. Before talking about my experience over there, I would like to tell you, what Mughal Gardens are all about, so you have a clear picture of it.


Mughal Gardens are basically, a group of gardens built by the Mughal emperors in India. It is styled in the Persian architecture. Some of its typical attractions are vibrant roses, crystal-clear pools and huge fountains, grabbing the attention of every passer-by. Shah Jahan, an important Mughal emperor marks the apex of Mughal Garden architecture and floral design. The chief attractions include the Herbal Garden, The Musical Garden, The Spiritual Garden and my most favorite The Bonsai Garden.


Walking along the garden, I could feel a sense of peace, I had never felt before. While my friends were busy getting snaps clicked for themselves, I got so busy capturing the mesmerising beauty in my phone. But I tell you its not even 10% of what one can experience there. I got tempted to the pool, that reflected the beauties of sky and garden; trees cut in a structured manner, some to provide shade merely, and others to produce fruits, flowers and leaves of vivid shapes. The melodious birds filled the garden with their rhythmic songs, the whole cooled by a pleasant breeze.




The complete layout of the Garden is structured to please any creature on Earth. I was particularly spellbound by the charm of red, vibrant,lively roses and their fragrance took me to the world of ecstasy. The symmetrical paved pathways and water channels follow the shapes of accurate squares with oblique or curved lines. This design is marvelous. I assure you fragrance of flowers, sight of fountains, shade of trees, water in the ponds and the beauty of nature here will take you to a journey towards the most soulful experiences.


Mughal Garden is one magnificent garden which will evoke in many a feeling of delight and contentment as they have experienced the ”Beauty at its Best”.





Imagine yourself in a the classroom of 2nd grade. You are sitting there in a group of 10 friends laughing, giggling, shouting and making so much fun. You are not aware or not at all bothered about the stern guidelines of discipline in the class, when suddenly a teacher comes in. She is quite strict and stops you from making noise. She keeps her class in discipline. Will you love such a teacher who stops you from having your own fun at class, who stops you from talking to your dear friends ? 

Well now, I guess, your answer to this would be to obey the teacher and stop yourself from anything that opposes the norms of a classroom. A teacher, here in the context of a classroom situation is supposed to maintain discipline and teach the students . But the role of a teacher in the life of a student isn’t to gain knowledge on a particular subject and proceed further. A student considers a teacher more than just a knowledge-provider or a discipline maker. The real role of a teacher in a classroom situation is to allow students to talk, make them laugh and let them construct their own knowledge out of it. Rather than being an authority figure, she is supposed to be a facilitator who can actually facilitate students to construct their own knowledge from what they have seen or what they love to talk about. The teacher is supposed to develop an insight among the students to maintain discipline according to the situation. Discipline is never taught, it neither comes from authority nor by confining the students ability to interact. Discipline comes from inside the heart, from one’s own consciousness. The duty of  a teacher is to assist the student when he is learning things rather than teaching him.

The role of a teacher not only comes in the classroom situation, it is omnipresent. One cannot deny the presence of a teacher in his/her life. Behind the growth of every individual is the hand of a true facilitator who helped him in his flow of actions. A teacher doesn’t transform the direction of an individual, rather he allows the individual to flow perfectly in the direction chosen by him/her.  A teacher is indeed a role model for an individual . A teacher, a facilitator, a guide just has to understand the person and assist him/her in the problems of life so that he can grow on his own. A teacher does not necessarily has to be a learned person, a teacher can be any normal person who can understand an individual and help him in refining his thoughts and actions. The role of a teacher just never ends. Its ongoing. Just like, the sun shines and provides us a direction to work throughout the day, in the same way, a teacher is like sunshine who guides an individual in the path of life. 

In the end, I would just wish, may you all be blessed with such a teacher in your life, who guides you in the stream of life. May you all receive the privilege of true guidance in life. 



IMG_20160217_095054IMG_20160306_131800IMG_20160217_134819IMG_20160217_095124IMG_20160217_134445IMG_20160217_095113Trees, flowers, birds, sunshine, lakes, fountains, grass…..are just a few to name. But the expanse of beauty they spread have a fame. 

We all are aware of the fact that nature surrounds all of us and it pleases all of us. However, what if you are left all alone in a huge garden, with lots of sky-touching trees, broken up yellowish-green leaves, a lake down the valley, and a melodious yet misterious chirping of birds ? How would you spend time for approx.3 hours waiting to see your friends. Well I am sure for many of us it might be boring, solitary and depressive because there would be nothing much to do. But I know for many it would become “A DAY IN THE HUB OF NATURE”.

So, here I am going to let you know of how this time was for me. I reached the well known Japanese Garden , also popularly known as Swarna jayanti Park, in Delhi, India. The garden is basically divided in 4 adorable sections which can fill any nature lover with the delight of contentment. I sat down on one of the benches under the Banyan tree as I needed a shady place amidst the sun-kissed park in the summers of Delhi. My first hour here was quite depressing since my friends were supposed to reach at 9 but due to delay of metro and an always getting-delayed friend of mine, I had to wait there. Honestly, I felt like I  loner and I am the stupid person waiting here.

Then, suddenly a gentle wind blew and touched my face in a miraculous manner. I felt like I am not as ill fated as I am thinking. I realised that I was sitting at a place where the beauty of nature was surrounding me. I feet that god h blessed me with his best creations. I was amidst the beautiful lush green trees, vibrant colourful flowers, small brown birds, crystal clear water of the pond….everything there was too miraculous to be described in words. I decided to capture that beauty. The snaps define the beauty virtually, as the real beauty of nature can only be felt by heart. I wish to share a few with you. Gradually, time flew away in the hub of nature, listening to the music of birds, smelling the fragrance of flowers, feeling the gentle winds and watching the still water.

This was the best experience till now. I wish you all to feel the real beauty of nature and be blessed with its serenity. I wish you all to have a mesmerizing time and a calmness in soul that stays forever.